business continuity plus data integrity

Hourly Snapshots

No more nightly backups.  Our solution takes hourly snapshots, keeping those changes you commit safe.

On-Site Spare Server

We put an additional server(s) onsite to take over the work load in the event your production server goes down.  This brings your turn around time on a non-working server from 48-72 hours to about 20 minutes.

Cloud Replication

With IBM Softlayer datacenters in Washington DC and San Jose, your data is replicated to both ends of the nation.  In the event that your building is destroyed, we virtualize you in the cloud

Full Encryption

All data at rest and in transit is fully encrypted at all times, keeping your data.... well, yours...

Bundled Engineer Time

All engineer time to fix backups, restore files, or virtualize down servers is 100% included in our price.

No Contracts

As with all our services, we require no long term contracts for the solution, earning your business month to month.  All agreements can be cancelled any time with a 60-day written notice.